On-duty staffers enjoy Eid in offices


A large number of people working in emergency departments celebrated Eid by rendering their duties in offices to ensure the safety and comfort of masses.
On Eid, when everyone rushed to their hometowns to celebrate the festival with their loved ones, on-duty staff members in many departments sacrificed their joys to facilitate their fellow citizens. Police officers, traffic police officials, limited staff in hospitals, toll plazas, media, airports, railways, bus stands and sanitary workers among others, remained on duty during Eid holidays.
Alam Zeb, stationed at a toll plaza, said, “This was the first time I spent Eid with my colleagues at the toll plaza and it was quite a new experience. Life has different phases and this year I experienced the pleasure of sacrificing my happiness for the happiness and safety of others”.
Azra Daud, a nurse at the Poly Clinic Hospital, said, “I celebrated Eid at the hospital with patients as I was deputed to perform duty during Eid days due to a shortage of staff “.
She said that she was happy to serve patients on Eid and celebrated the festival with the hospital staff. “I shall get extra holidays in lieu of my over time duty, which will give me an opportunity to spend more time with my family after Eid”.
A sanitary worker at the Capital Development Authority, Afzal Qayyum, said, “Employees in our department did not get any holidays as they had to keep the city clean and remove offal and waste from every nook and corner”.
On-duty Dr Nasir Ejaz, of Poly Clinic hospital, said, “There is no concept of Eid in hospitals as it is more important to look after patients than to spend time with family,”
Besides official services, confectionaries, bakeries, grocery shops, ice cream parlours, ‘naan’ shops and medical stores also remained opened for the convenience of the general public during the holidays.
“There is a huge demand for cakes, pizzas, sweets and other bakery items during Eid, which boosts our sales quite a bit,” said Arif Khawaja, a bakery owner.