Movement will be launched against SPLGO: PML-N


President of Sindh chapter of Pakistan Muslim League (N) Syed Ghaus Ali Shah has said that he will start a movement against dual local bodies system.
Talking to media persons at his residence in Garhi Moori, he said that the movement against the local bodies system would be launched together with PML (F), Awami Tehreek, Sindh Progressive Party, Sindh United Party, NPP, and Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam.
The local bodies system has made urban population superior to the rural one, and this has given way to inferiority complex among the rural people, he added.
Ghaus Ali Shah noted that nobody’s life and property is safe in Sindh such that the provincial capital, Karachi is burning in the fire of target killings.
He said as far as MQM is an ally of PPP, alliance with MQM cannot be realized.
Shah observed that PPP is chanting slogans about construction of Kala Bagh Dam because the end of its government is approaching.
He said Muslim League (N) has been opposing Kala Bagh Dam since 1980 and its stance has not change till now.
Ghaus Ali Shah said Nawaz Sharif has shown confidence in FIA but so far its performance has been suspicious. “The day we thought that FIA’s investigation is not fair, we would adopt a different path,” he maintained.


  1. Hey NOKAAFIR. Maybe you can offer your sister as a bribe to FIA. Be sure you do it at night in the dark or they will run away if they see her ugly face.

  2. Crime has increased at a staggering rate in Lahore. Every other day, one hears news of break-ins, thefts, car snatching incidents, muggings and even murder. Nobody seems safe when almost everyone you know has had one of the above happen to them sometime in their lives. I remember when Lahore was a peaceful, safe place, where one could leave their front gates open and cars unattended. Now, doors are bolted shut and people hardly venture out on foot. When I was growing up, my parents and I would enjoy leisurely walks in our neighborhood every evening. Families indulging in this same, innocent activity nowadays is a phenomenon one barely gets to witness. Since when has beautiful Lahore become a zone overrun by criminal elements and angry mafias? Will the Punjab government stop over investing on its showmanship and start paying attention to the law and order situation? I do not care much for large-scale bus services when I have trouble trusting the security provided to me by the provincial government.

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