Known as the ‘Feast of Sacrifice’, there was one animal that refused to play ball amidst Eidul Azha celebrations. The bull, pictured in the images, fled from a butcher who vied to slaughter it, on the first day of the important Muslim festival. As the raging bull tore through a city field of, today, it charged into a little boy, who was not quick enough to get out of its way. Even though the contact between the bull and the boy was at full throttle, serious harm was avoided. The boy was slightly injured but miraculously avoided serious injury from the bull stampede. However, the little boy’s terrifying encounter in Karachi was not a rare incident. A panicking cow killed a Palestinian man who was attempting to slaughter it in the Gaza strip. There were reports that 150 other people were hospitalised in the Gaza Strip with knife wounds or other injuries caused by animals trying to break away, the CT Postreported. Accidents are frequent as impoverished Muslims routinely attempt to slaughter animals at home instead of relying on professional butchers. Every year we witness an animal, trying to save its life, putting another person’s life in menace. It is becoming increasingly important for city authorities to organise the animal slaughter with a lot more care in the years to come.