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Eidul Azha is an event of gestation complications: doctors

Health experts were flagged as pessimists for warning people of being inflicted with gastroenteritis and other bacterial infections if they ate beef and mutton in excess during Eid ul Azha
Dow University of Health Sciences infection control expert
Dr Mohammad Iftikhar Ahmed, and Civil Hospital, Karachi head of Cardiology Department Prof Khalida Soomro advised people to not eat “red meat” to mark the occasion. Both physicians said that gastroenteritis and indigestion was observed every year after the festival which was meant to inculcate the spirit of sacrifice. They said that beef in particular was a rich source of protein and good for children and adolescents but not healthy for adults due to a high content of cholesterol and fat in it. Dr Khalida Soomro also said that red meat was also not recommended to children with a family history heart disease. She said that Bar B Q lay on the healthiest spectrum of cooked meat and added that another name for slow poisoning was deep fried meat. She said that “preparations these items may be extremely tempting but the associated health risks are much higher.” She also advised people to refrain from indulging their appetites into livers, kidneys, hearts and brains of the sacrificed animals.
Dr Mohamamd Iftikhar Ahmed said that the people must take into consideration both qualitative and quantitative aspects of their dietary patterns. He said that ignoring common sense health mantras lead to indigestion and other related problems which cause inconvenience to the sufferers and their caretakers. He warned diabetics, hypertensive and heart patients to avoid fatty, spicy and deep fried meat items.
The two doctors, said that meat dishes prepared with vegetables were safer and a healthier option for people; especially for those who suffer from the above mentioned diseases. Dr. Iftikhar drew public attention towards under cooked dishes, particularly bar-b-qued items, which not only causes gastro enteritis but also “hydatid,” an infection with a potential to damage vital human organs. He said that “this infection is not very common in our country but is frequently reported in Afghanistan. What people need to realize is that their food must be properly cooked”. He advised people to desist storage of meat in huge quantities as frequent power failures enhanced chances of the meat getting infected. He said that “above all the meat is basically meant to be distributed among the people, who could not easily afford it”.

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    What has beef and goat and sheep mutton to do with 'gestation'.
    The definition of gestation is as follows
    ' the development of the embryo of a viviparous mammal, between conception and birth: about 266 days in humans,'

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