Pak protests to Afghan, ISAF over presence Fazallullah; Durand Line international border: FO | Pakistan Today

Pak protests to Afghan, ISAF over presence Fazallullah; Durand Line international border: FO

Pakistan has handed down dossier about the presence of Mullah Fazallullah in Afghanistan to the Afghan government and International Security Assistance Force [ISAF].
This was stated by Foreign Office Spokesman Moazzam Ahmad Khan at his weekly news briefing in Islamabad on Thursday.
Strongly reacting over the statements emanating from Kabul against Pakistan, the spokesman said that Pakistan wants to promote good neighborly relations with Afghanistan on the basis of mutual respect and interest.
He said there is a need to engage in a mature and responsible dialogue to sort out all the issues. He said Kabul should avoid conducting diplomacy through the media.
Both the countries are facing common problems and it is in our common interest to resolve all the issues diplomatically and politically. He said peace and stability in Afghanistan is in Pakistan’s prime interest and expressed the confidence that issues between the two neighbors will be resolved through different channels of dialogue.
He said our commitment in the fight against terror is beyond any doubt. Deeds speak louder than the words.
To a question on Durand Line, Moazzam Ahmad Khan said as far as Pakistan is concerned this is a closed and settled issue. He said Islamabad regards Durand Line as an international border so does the international community.
When asked about the stance of two US presidential candidates on drone strikes, the foreign office spokesman said our position on drone attacks is clear.
They are illegal, counterproductive and violation of our territorial integrity. He admitted that both the countries share divergent views on this issue but hoped that this can be resolved mutually. He said Pakistan has good relations with the US and wants to further deepen them.
To another question about the statement of President Obama on Abbottabad operation, he made it clear that fighting terrorism and extremism within Pakistani territory is our responsibility and we will not allow anybody else to assume this responsibility.

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