PAF ready to face challenges: Air Chief


Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt has said that readiness and war preparedness, have attained enhanced significance, in today’s dynamic and rapidly changing environment.
He was speaking to the inaugural ceremony of Exercise Saffron Bandit 2012-13.
Air Chief said “PAF is the most potent element of the state defence, and as always, has to maintain its posture, to thwart any threats to the motherland. As all of you are aware, that while the traditional threats have not disappeared, new challenges with much uglier faces have surfaced, therefore besides evolving new and consolidating the established employment concepts, PAF has to keep this non traditional adversary in our sights as well”.
He said that the exercise is aimed to enhance the war preparedness of PAF combat elements by providing role oriented training in near realistic but controlled environment.
The environment will be created by integrating and synergizing all available and futuristic capabilities and weapon systems for practicing, evolving and validating current and modern tactical concepts in a near war like environment.
This time the environment is unique as all of the PAF latest assets would be made to operate under one umbrella. Hence, through this Exercise, PAF would be stepping into the future with all its modern capabilities in action.


  1. Yeah right !!! How many drones have you shot down in the past 8 years?? ZERO !!! you can't even shoot down one single drone which is a pilotless weapon for the ugly cowards !! Big claims don't suit you as actions speak louder than words !!! Couldn't even detect a single chopper of the OBL raid !! I'm not against army but I feel that its enough army is eating our budget and if you can't perform you duties properly please restrain yourself from makin such statements !!! don't be a laughin stock !!

  2. Being a civilian you have no clue about the protocols of military,you are an idiot.Do you know that you just cannot shoot down an air craft even if its a drone with proper orders from up above even if they violate your air space.Did you know that when American pilots along with others from other countries come to Pakistan for various reasons,they call them kamakazee's,no one has the heart and the b*a*l*l*s* like the Pakistani pilots,but how can you know that huh? you only know how to talk bull and rubbish.Go back to your office job drinking tea all day and talking about people who sacrifice their lives on daily basis saving your sorry self and simply follow orders.You want to blame someone,blame the government who is playing this game of we love Pakistan and we care for the people of Pakistan.REALLY????

    • Haha…so when a B52 or a Drone start attacking Kahuta, will the generals wait for permission also..nothing by lies..

    • For your info..NORAD and NATO planes intercept enemy aircraft before they enter their airspace. They dont wait for permission.

      • My daddy huh,I guess you are right,you Pakistanis sell cheap,very cheap,you guys are willing to sell your soul,your daughters,your mothers for the sake of that almighty dollar from my daddy U S of A.Maybe thats why all of you cheesy uneducated civilians like to act,dress and talk like USA and act like the real patriots you are lol,give me a break,like this chick Nazia,the hateful queen,Nazia,you need to find you a man,the rest of you,get a life you ungreatful loud mouth wanna B's.

  3. In silala post attack it was 3 hours and all air defense system and PAF were going to sleep after taking heavy doses of dormcium injections made in USA.One should shame on himself being a pilot posted on near bases that for three hours our jawans were targeted and killed by NATO AIR FORCE but none among them had dared to do his real duty.On duty pilots are all time ready to check intruders of the borders.All are not meant for attack but for defense or warning to intruders too but our sleeping beauty like PAF looked always awaiting in their bases for the orders of its prince charming like rao qamar or kiyani to given them orders to attack enemies who were enjoying air targeted killings for hours and hours in Pakistan territory.
    but they forget that late nights princes charming don't perform national duties but…..

    • what u said might not be that wrong, but apparently u dont know of a 'hotline' b/w prez and nw PM n dfnce chiefs neithr wud u know the procedure to fire a single bullet off a plane. so while u enjoy coffee mugs infrnt of ur laptops, happy commenting!

      • surely I dont know what is going on any hot line or have no idea of procedure of fire of single bullet but silala attack was eye opening for all of Pakistanis that who ever wants to attack on us ,our hotlines and procedure will remain active in our military bases regardless of what security issues are happening in or outside Pakistan .
        Ordinary people are not interested what is system but they are interested how it works and shows its effectiveness to its inhabitant??

  4. A step in right direction but would be underutilized and futile excercise , if full airwar thater is not created in which both sides of excercising air forces comprising of biue land and foxland trigger a war exercise in night with fierece attack and counter attack operations on each other in darkness of night and AWACs operating on both sides and both sides trying to gun shoot down and defend awacks in persistent sustained strikes on them as prime targets along with other secondary targets of airbases, Key command and comunication centers, and key missile batteries.
    full spectrum of AWACS, ADWC,ESM, ECM , F-16 JF 17, and saabs, chinese awacs , P3 oriens be tested in a composite war like enviornment along with other operational aircrafts . more then 50 % sorties be flown in night combat enviornemnt.

  5. PAF is as ready to face challenges as Pakistani politicians are to become honest. Neither things are happening. NOPE.

  6. Yeah Brave enough to bomb Baloch nationalists, but when drones come, or US forces come to take out OBL, these owls go to sleep…

  7. PAF should look into adding more fighter planes to their inventory. PAF should buy from the middle east and improve their number of fighter/bomber planes inventory to match and compare with the other counries in the region.

    • .
      A fighter plane, by itself, is less costly compared to setting up their logistics and infrastructure, training the pilot, arming them and keep them up in the air …
      At current state, Pakistan would go bankrupt if it wants to look for parity in hardware with India (hard to digest but true) …

    • From who??? middle East ??? hahahahaha,come on man,what are they suppose to buy from the A-Rabs,a six pack of camels They buy from the Americans too lol.

  8. O’ plz guyz, stop fytin wid each other.
    Lets turn da pages of history back to 1959.
    PAF entered da jet age very later than IAF. But PAF Sabre, being much inferior to IAF Gnat, managed to shoot down Indian Gnat in air to air combat near Rawalpindi, Pakistan when it entered Pakistani Air Space on Eid day in 1959.
    Further in 1965 Indo-Pak war, PAF had F-86 Sabres, F-104 Star fighters, & B-57 Canberra Bombers.
    Though IAF had an inventory of much advanced fighters e.g. Hunters, Gnats etc etc.
    But PAF managed to achieve technological air superiority over IAF.
    At da end of war, PAF claimed to have destroyed ~114-120 IAF Aircrafs, while losing its ~20-30 aircrafts.
    In 1971, again PAF Mantained its repo by achieving more aerial kills against india. Pakistan Army lost da war but PAF won again.
    Similarly in 6 Day War, Youm e Kappur War, Soviet-Afghan War & afterwards, PAF always enjoyed a gud repo. though it always faced many troubles in different values but it remained a well trained & active air force.
    In past 2 decades, PAF was passing through very critical period of time due to sanctions dat USA put on Pakistan during its Nuclear Program. IAF continued its modernization while PAF failed to develop its fleet due to lack of funds & poor relations wid Western Nations.
    By time PAF is trying to fill da Gap dat woz created in last Few years.
    But now PAF has ability to respond IAF by any means, cuz its Pilots are well trained and well qualified. They proved it too, during different conflicts nd engagments.

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