Pak Hindus and Sikhs enjoy freedom: Pakistan Sikh Council


Pakistan Sikh Council has rubbished claims of persecution made by some Pakistani Hindus and Sikhs who recently arrived in India.
Chairman of the Council Ramesh Singh, who is currently in India, said on Tuesday that Hindus and Sikhs enjoyed full religious and political freedom in Pakistan, and “those who make such remarks either have vested interests of settling in India with their relatives or are bank defaulters who were wanting to flee Pakistan fearing action”.
In the recent past, a large number of Pakistani Hindus had crossed border to India to settle down. They had claimed that their men were being abducted for ransom and their daughters forcibly converted to Islam. However, Ramesh Singh said there were only three instances where girls had willingly embraced the religion.


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  2. Singh is talking through his backside.Pakistan does not even look after its own folk and is an unjust society lead by a wahabi stooge zardari. Comparatively India is a fair society which is well known all over the world and respected by world powers as well-but not pakistan

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