Haj scam: FIA submits progress report


The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Wednesday submitted its progress report on the Haj corruption case to the Supreme Court.
According to a private television channel, the report was submitted to the office of the Supreme Court’s registrar.
The report stated that Hussain Asghar had been reassigned to investigate the case and the FIA has appointed 10 other officials to assist Asghar in the probe.
Earlier in September, the Supreme Court had directed the FIA to notify Asghar at the earliest to rejoin the investigation.
The court had moreover directed the FIA to submit a progress report on the matter.
In April 2011, the government had transferred Asghar, who was a senior FIA director at the time, and had appointed him as Inspector General of Gilgit-Baltistan because his probe into the Haj scam was allegedly leading him to the Prime Minister’s Secretariat (PMS).
However, on June 8, 2012, the Supreme Court was informed that the federal government had issued orders to immediately transfer Asghar back to the FIA so that he could rejoin the probe into the Haj scandal.