Malik challenges SC ruling on dual nationality


Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Tuesday filed a review petition in the Supreme Court against its September 20 ruling in dual nationality case which declared that the minster could no longer be considered ‘sadiq’ and ‘ameen’.
On September 20, the apex court ruled that 11 lawmakers holding dual nationalities were not eligible to hold any public offices and declared all such lawmakers as disqualified.
It ordered the disqualified lawmakers to return the amount spent on their salaries and perks.
In the dual nationality case, the court ruled that Rehman Malik cannot be considered “sagacious, righteous, honest and ameen” for giving false declaration about his British citizenship at the time of filing his nomination papers.
On Tuesday, Rehman Malik challenged the court decision, stating that the court ruled without hearing him, and that the decision of withdrawing perks was ‘unlawful’.


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