Landlord arrested for rape in Toba Tek Singh


The police arrested an influential landlord in rape of his 12-year-old housemaid here on Tuesday.
According to details, 12-year old daughter of bricks kiln labourer, Ghulam Muhammad, 60, was serving as housemaid at the house of local landlord Haji Malik Khadim residing in Rijana Town, Chak 285-GB, district Toba Tek Singh.
The landlord used to rape the young house maid taking advantage of his being owner of the house and hold in the area due to which she became pregnant and gave birth to a child.
The parents of the girl informed the police about occurrence which immediately responded to the complaint and arrested the accused.


  1. The Kiln Labors should get hold of this dirty man and castrate him. If the case is taken to the court, he will be acquited in the name of "RULE OF LAW".

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