Lack of diesel forces Railways to ground 9 trains on Eid


Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has refused to supply diesel to Pakistan Railways over the issue of non-payment of past dues and because of this decision, 9 trains would have to be grounded on the first two days of Eidul Azha, Pakistan Today has learnt.
According to a Railways spokesperson, the government owed PSO Rs 370 million which it had failed to pay before the specified deadline. Of the total amount owed, cheques of only Rs 30 million had been honoured while the rest had bounced.
According to sources, Railway officials had informed the government about the issue. They had been told that diesel oil would be bought at market rates and the trains schedule would not be disrupted. However the department did not have enough resources to purchase oil at market rates and as a result, nine trains would have to be grounded on the first two days of Eid.
Sources also revealed that Railways only had enough oil to last two days and would face further shortage after that.
Several passengers were enraged over this news. Ali Imran from Karachi, who worked in a transport company in Lahore, said, “Inflation has already made lives of citizens miserable, it is a miracle to be able to buy a Railway ticket during holidays in the first place. Secondly travelling by train has become expensive and uncomfortable. Our leaders, fed on the people’s money, lead comfortable lives while the poor people are left grappling with problems.”
Another passenger Hamza, who was from Peshwar, said, “Unless there is rule of law in the country, no department can function smoothly. News of trains being grounded at crucial times have become too common now, they never depart or arrive on time, and now are short of diesel. We suffer hard to deal with inflation, the least our leaders could do is take pity on our poor existence.”
Bushra Bibi from Duniapur said that a lot of people would have problems because of the non-availability of trains during Eid and would not be able to travel to and from their hometowns. She said that the people should not be made to face the brunt of government’s flawed decision.