Today’s Pakistan successfully shifted to rule of law: CJP


Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Monday said that present day Pakistan had successfully transitioned itself to rule of law through complete implementation of constitutionalism in the country.
“Our law enforcement agencies are striving hard to check menace and the court system in the country including the anti-terrorism courts are geared to handle their cases expeditiously and dispense justice in a forthright and transparent manner,” he said while addressing an Indian lawyers’ delegation. He said that he did not see any reason why Pakistan should not regain its position as a civilised and progressive country which was at peace with itself and with countries in the region and beyond.
The CJ said it was a proven fact of history and a unanimous opinion of historians and scholars of law and politics, that only those societies thrived and prospered where the twin principles of “rule of law” and “supremacy of constitution” were practiced. “However, in societies which suffer from weak rule of law and where constitution is held in abeyance frequently, the writ of state gradually loosens and society starts unravelling,” he said.
The CJ opined that the institutions of judiciary in Pakistan and India had a common cultural, social and legal background as they drew inspiration from the same source of jurisprudence and followed the same pluralistic and all-encompassing representative democracy based on the twin principles of rule of law and supremacy of the constitution.


  1. Rule of Law Still it’s too far if Gen. Baig & Gen. Durrani were sentenced through courts then we can say that rule of law implemented at certain extent ?

  2. Rule of Law Still it’s too far if Gen. Baig & Gen. Durrani were sentenced through courts then we can say that rule of law implemented at certain extent ?

  3. Pakistani Cheif Justice has changed the image of judiciary.. Before him it was just a tool of government to exploit poor people of pakistan.. But still Sindhiz are waiting for 22 may 2007 case decision. Karachi Case and more on..

  4. While people are waiting for the courts to come out of Politics and focus of the people's cases, every day we hear a new self created case in the courts.
    Today our judiciary hosts more dramas than the world renowned The Royal Opera House and Liceo de Barcelona

    • You are absolutely correct – it seems Pakistan is only revolving around SC, Chef Justice, Imran Khan, Chaudry Nisar, Zulfiqar Mirza and a bunch of Talibans, since this devil Iftikhar Chaurdy become the chef justice of this country. May God help us get rid of him all other stated above.

  5. chef justice has no right to hold pakistan supreme court . because he has no knowledge about his son what he is doing and black mailing the people on behalf of his father position.
    how it possible that, justice is not aware of his own home, and he has well knowledge and information about 180 million huge country population.
    he is making nationals foul by using some political cases.
    He has been reappointed on bases of political sources.
    He became popular during Musharaf Govt, on basis of steel mill privatization case.
    after 5 years nations lost 80 billion Rupp. in corruptions steel mill.
    this lost happen by justice sahib efforts,
    He should resign his post.
    his decision for Asghar khan case is only to save Nawaz brothers.
    why he did not declare that, Nawaz and shabaz also guilty in this case.
    why he reffred this case to FIA.
    why he is giving one sided decisions.???????
    why he is going to fever Shareef brothers.????????????
    why he is not going taking action daily killing of Karachi people.??????????????
    for Baluchistan cases his effort against nations. he is not loyal for pakistan more than pakistani forces.
    if he is really very brave person, he should travel with out security.

  6. A request and suggestion to cheif justice Iftikhar chaudry,
    in pakistani courts there are more then 50,000 cases are in pending, who is responsiable for those???
    peoples having cases of minor issues pendindsince 20 years, who is responsiable for that????
    cases should be categorized and given a time period, for example a murder case should be resolved within a month, and judge should be responsiable for it.
    I have seen mant times the the date given to the parties for court hearing depends how much u pay the court clerk, other wise u r in trouble.
    Justice is one of the propert (khasosiat) of ALLAH, so please do justice becuse one day u have to return back to ALLAH.
    On the day of jugement ALLAH will ask u, why u fail to provide justice to people of pakistan.
    ALLAH please help pakistan, ameen

  7. Rule of Law Still it's too far if Gen. Baig & Gen. Durrani were sentenced through courts then we can say that rule of law implemented at certain extent ?

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