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Pakistanis take records for largest human national flag, mosaic

Pakistani youth on Monday made another world record by making the biggest human national flag with the help of 24,200 students, breaking the earlier record set by 21,726 participants in Hong Kong in 2007. Adjudicator of Guinness World Records (GWR) Gareth Daeves announced the award for Pakistan, saying the country had successfully achieved the feat. “It’s an amazing, amazing display of unity of 24,200 people here in Lahore tonight,” Deaves told a cheering crowd. “Every single one of you holds this record,” he said, handing over the certificate to Punjab provincial government representative Hamza Shahbaz Sharif. Earlier, as many as 1,936 students belonging to various schools in Punjab created the largest mosaic, setting up another new Guinness World Record.
The students broke an American world record that was achieved by 1,458 people in South Carolina in the US on December 3, 2011. Officials of the Guinness World Record witnessed the feats and announced that the Pakistani students had set the new world records. The students made the image of historical Shahi Qila, holding small pieces of its picture above their heads. Prior to these two records, many more records were made by talented youths of the country during the ongoing Punjab Youth Festival in Lahore. A weekend of record attempts in Lahore began on Saturday night when 42,813 people gathered at the National Hockey Stadium to sing the national anthem, smashing the previous record of 15,243 people singing the national anthem held by India.

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