Pakistanis set world records in kicks, chapattis, chessboards


Pakistan may not have brought home any medals from this summer’s Olympics, but the country can now lay claim to world records in chapatti-making, plug-wiring and chessboard-arranging.
A weekend of bizarre record attempts in Lahore began on Saturday night when 42,813 people in the national hockey stadium sang the national anthem together, smashing the previous best of 15,243 held by India. On Sunday, Mohammad Mansha went flat out to set a new record for making chapattis — mixing, kneading, spinning and cooking three in three minutes and 14 seconds — while 12-year-old Mehek Gul took just 45 seconds to arrange the pieces on a chessboard using only one hand.
Neither of these feats had been attempted before under the watchful eye of a Guinness World Records official. But Ahmed Amin Bodla broke a more established record when he landed 616 martial arts kicks on a punch bag in just three minutes, beating the previous best of 612 also set by a Pakistani.
The events were held as part of a week-long youth festival in Lahore, where Guinness adjudicator Gareth Deaves ensured fair play, manager Sher Ali told AFP. While some people might prefer care over haste when it comes to electrics, Mohammad Nauman lit up the crowd as he wired a household plug in a dazzling 35 seconds. In a land with a proud tradition of facial hair, Saddi Muhammad set a record by using his moustache to pull a 1.7 tonne pickup truck a distance of 60.3 metres, to wild applause from the crowd. Elsewhere, Daniel Gill and Mohammad Rizwan set a new record for heading a football between them, managing 335 consecutive headers in three minutes 45 seconds. But there was heartache for one contender, whose bid to claim the record for most T-shirts donned in three minutes was disallowed when officials ruled he had failed to smooth down all of the 59 shirts properly.


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