Nine power plants out of production due to fuel shortage


Nine thermal power generation units went out of production due to non-availability of fuel taking out 2071 MW of electricity from the system. According to reports, these power generation plants include AES Lalpir (350 MW), AES Pakgen (350 MW), Saba power company (150 MW), Saif, Orient and Saffire power plants, one unit of Hubco (300 MW) and Fauri Kabirwala (151 MW). KAPCO generation has also decreased by 800 MW. Sources said that despite improvement in weather and the resultant decrease in power demand, load shedding would continue owing to supply shortages. They said that the Ministry of Water and Power had taken serious notice of this development and arrangements were being made to ensure supply of fuel to these plants to put them back on production line.
No load shedding during Eid, says govt: The government has decided that no load shedding will be carried out on the occasion of Eidul Azha (October 26 to 29). The Ministry of Water and Power has expressed the hope that there would be a reduction in demand for electricity during Eid holidays due to the industrial activities coming to rest and closure of government offices. There will be a minor gap between the demand for electricity and its supply which will be met by operating the dormant power houses, it added. The officials further said that the shortfall has already reduced to almost 3000 MW as a result of the drop in climatic temperature across the country.