Thousands of girls named after Malala


Thousands of newborn girls during the last 10 days were named after Malala in Lahore and other parts of Punjab. According to an official of Lady Atichison Hospital and sources in other hospitals, Malala was the most popular name for baby girls born at hospitals across Punjab. “Malala has become a symbol of courage, an icon for promotion of education and other leadership qualities due to which parents are naming their girls after her,” the source said.


  1. calling everybody in Pakistan. Please have a listen to our song called 'the flower of pakistan' it was written to show support and solidarity for malala and the cause of education for girls. performed by irish students from the westof ireland…

  2. Malala infact Mala e Pakistan. A few days back I met one of my seniors who is doing PhD in veterinary medicine, from wazirstan telling me that his all cousins killed in an attack. Hundreds and Thousands of people are being killed daily including the child girls, nobody notices. Our men are being killed either in suicide attacks or in Drone strikes, no body observes. Why Malala only, just to divert the attention of Pakistani Nation from other issues which are many times more important than it.

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