Asghar Khan case has exposed Sharif brothers: Khosa


Punjab Governor Latif Khosa has said that the Sharif brothers, who had always criticised Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), have been exposed after Supreme Court’s verdict on the Asghar Khan case.
He was addressing a public gathering after inauguration of a gas pipeline in Chungi Amar-Sidhu. The governor said that he had been stressing since ages that Shahbaz Sharif and his cabinet were unconstitutional.
He alleged that the Sharif brothers were very active in trying to limit the power of the judiciary in the past and now they were raising slogans of ‘independent judiciary’.
He requested of the Supreme Court to announce the detailed verdict of Asghar Khan case so that the ‘real culprits’ could be dealt with the according to the law.


  1. Our right-wing politicians, including the PML-N leaders, in order to defeat the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) in the 1990 elections, accepted money from the intelligence agencies. PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif, who received Rs 3.5 million, has called for the formation of a truth and reconciliation commission to probe all past politically motivated cases and to bring the looted money back to the national exchequer. The PML-N has demanded an investigation into the expenditure of Rs 110 million by the PPP to reduce the Pakistan Muslim League’s lead by distributing millions of rupees among religious parties to divide the party vote bank in the 1993 general elections. I am really amused at how the PML-N information secretary, Mushahidullah Khan, is trying to defend his party chief. A man like him has just one qualification: to be loyal to the king and defend him even when the king has no moral justification to defend or have the courage to accept his mistakes. People like Mr Khan ensure that party chiefs are not held accountable for their wrong actions. Political parties are like private limited companies with employees working like obedient servants instead of working in the best interests of the company.

  2. The entire nation is confused on the issue. The money dolled out to politicians was not to hijack the elction but to bring political parties to bring under the banner of IJI to avoid splitting of votes.The elections were not rigged, have a heart Mr Kaira

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