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Leather industry faces aridity

The suspension of water supply in the Tannery Zone of Korangi Industrial Area has put the country’s leather exports under a serious threat, said the industrialists Saturday.
The warning came from Chairman Pakistan Tanners Association (S.Z), Amanullah Aftab in a statement who expressing concern said the largest national cluster of exporting leather and leather made-up units located on Sector 7/A, KIA, was tantalizing for water due to suspension of supply through tankers. The local tanneries are totally dependent on supply of water through tankers in absence of water supply from KW&SB for years.
“Now since hydrants have beenclosed by KW&SB, the tanneries are feeling being stifled for want of water,” said Aftab. He warned that the peak season of tanneries has already begun and during Eidul Azha, the largest chunk of hides and skins would be brought to this zone by the charity organizations and the tanneries would require water in abundance for their processing. He further warned that if the water is not supplied by the KWSB, the hides and skins worth crores of rupees may be destroyed.
Aftab said that he water intensive tanneries are being threatened to default in shipment of leather to customers abroad on stipulated delivery dates since it will not be ready in time for want of water, he said adding that the workers may also gradually lose job due to closure of units and lower production in absence of water which is the main input in this industry, he added. He appealed to Governor Sindh Dr Ishrat ul Ebad to order KWSB to make some arrangements for water supply to tanneries whether it is through pipeline or tankers.

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