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Army capable of tackling internal, external challenges: Gen Wayne

General Khalid Shamim Wayne, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC), has said that Pakistan’s armed forces have the capability to confront all kinds of internal and external challenges.
Speaking at a passing-out parade ceremony here on Saturday, General Wayne said: “Our army should not be treated as lesser than that of any other country.”
He said that the whole nation is united on the issue of national security. The CJCSC said Pakistan has no aggressive designs against any country.
Later, he witnessed the passing-out parade and distributed prizes among the top performers.
The honorary sword was given to Officer Anis. A Palestinian and a Sudanese cadet were also included in the course.

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  1. JD Magsi said:

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  2. TUFAN AGHA said:

    Are you sure. If so why are you getting a daily snub from Iftikhar Chaudry. Why is the media making fun of the armed fORCES. wHY ARE THE TROOPS KILLED DAILY BY BLA AND TTP.

  3. aftabwilson said:

    Please concentrate on external threats and leave internal threat on democratic elected government.

  4. Jamal Kamal said:

    General keep your self restricted to external threats only. I can understand your feelings as a patriotic Pakistani and I don't doubt your intentions; but why should a well disciplined force get embroiled in a mess created by the ineptness of the civil administration. They will eventually have to improve and there are no two ways about it.

    • Ahmad said:

      But your readiness is appreciated and respected. In case of a directive by the full full bench a time limited tarageted approach is welcomed.

  5. khan said:

    funey army of pak,,killing own people for double game and politics

  6. Anon said:

    You came out of hiding and making brave statements after public reaction over Malala's incident is effectively subdued. "Strategic assets" game is more import than our sons and daughter — you would say …
    Now we have to take these words from a coward like you …

    • pakAlot said:

      Its because of people like you why Pakistan is where its at,you backward a*s*s* sitting home talking loud saying nothing piece of s*h*i*t* all you do is talk talk talk,calling the army cowards,what have you done to protect the country except run your mouth,Our mothers and daughters,what??? you don't have enough pride and courage to do squat.All you ungreatful people on here making these comments,I don't see any of you making a difference,but you sure do know how to blabble your mouth.

  7. Harinder said:

    Fiteh Muh…
    Pakistan army is the only army in the world which has lost all the wars it fought. So much now they are afraid of defeat, they dont fight in uniforms…lol… they created un uniformed militias like LeT and Taleban..
    you are good only for parade with your band baza team..hahah
    by the way…are u able to extract bodies of all the soldiers buried under know from Siachin or no…

    • pakAlot said:

      Harinder,hmmm,what kind a name is that?? hindu? To joke about people who fight to save a sorry a*s*s* like yours is not very nice.You should find a hand full of water and drown yourself in it.

      • Harinder said:

        What is your counter argument, medressah educated illiterate ? Is your Gen Wayne is fighting to save my a..? After loosing half of country in 1971 and and unforgettable surrender of over 90,000 troops, than loosing Siachin, Getting kicked out of Kargil, proxywar launched against India through jehadis ultimately recoiling on you making you laughing stock of the world, being US`s hitman and caught playing double games with Osama manufacturing babies in the military`s backyard, you want someone else to drown himself ? hahah. We leave enough water for you to drown yourself. Give argument, not rhetoric.

        • desi said:

          I think for you to call pakistan US's hitman while you DOTS take American jobs for pennies on a dollar is bogus,you elephant worshiping idiots have no pride,just 16 brothers and sisters who need to be fed,you'll do anything for that..While indian army kill innocent and unarmed Kishmiris,treat them like trash all the while you heartless s*h*i*t bags make movies on their soil is gross.You got no room to talk about someone getting madrassah education,we all know about all billion of you eating s*h*i*t* to survive.I bet your army does'nt have the b*a*l*l*s to try anything with the Pakistan army,I believe your scared army chief said that in so many words.My argument? hindus know all too well about the proxy war mr.mundar educated.ding ding is out,now go and kiss a cows a*s*s* its prayer time.

  8. zardaritohell said:

    Is General Wayne smoking crack? I don't what world is he living in but Pakistan army is not even capable of a task like tying their own shoe laces. They have lost every single war they ever fought. Under the present military leadership, they hve become the laughing stack of the world. Even a bunch of illeterate, unorganized kids can defeat this army. Does General Wayne realize that he is making this statement in the same town that was invaded by foreign troops while all the General were sleeping in their bomb proof bunkers? It has hardly been a year!!!

    • pakAlot said:

      Invaded??? hmmmm,sounds to me like you are the one who is smoking crack. you think you are tough?? if so,then quit just running your mouth,do something about it.And by the way,just having a display name does'nt count as making a difference,KHUSRAY lol

      • zardaritohell said:

        @pakAlot. I choose my career and am doing quite well. I get paid for a job and I do the best I am capable of doing. General Wayne and Kiayani chose their careers but they they have failed miserably in their jobs. They are "yes" men and thas how they re keeping their jobs. Was Pakistan not invaded by foreign troops last year? Did they not fly in to abbottabad? Was there a single shot fired back by Pakstan army? Oh I forget. They are all eunichs just like you. Thats explains their behavior. By the way, can you provide your sisters to Pakistan army to keep their moral up? Thats the least you can do for your "brave" army 🙂

        • pakAlot said:

          wow,maybe you should call your sisters,mother and wife if you have one from the presidency,Zardari is taking turns and letting others take sloppy seconds with them buahahahahahah.What do you get in return for that,your career???? figures.

  9. Zeta said:

    Oh please general. Elimanate the mess. We pay you to protect the people. Do your job and exterminate all internal and external threats

    LeJ, SSP, TTP, ASWJ, TNSM and all the nutter like them needs to be exterminated

  10. pashtunyar said:

    He probably said that to impress the poor palestenian cadet! Btw, I didnt knew the palestenians had en army!

    • pakAlot said:

      You don't know anything because you live in a cave buahahahahaha.Btw,learn to write english before you say anything about the army.

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