Do not forget the villagers!


Residents demanded provision of basic amenities like healthcare, education and portable water at the Kirpa village, situated in the suburbs of Rawalpindi.
Residents of the village demanded this in a meeting, held under the chairmanship of Numberdar Raja Jahangir Kayani on Thursday.
The participants also requested the political leadership to fulfill the promises made to them during the last elections, by saying that they would vote for those candidates who would resolve their problems.
The meeting said that during the atomic age, residents of Kirpa were faced with severe difficulties and said that attention must be paid to this backward area.
Raja Jahangir said that residents of the village had constructed a school and dispensary on a self help basis but no staff had been appointed in both facilities, resulting in the deprivation of health and education.
He said that MNA Nisar Ali Khan had announced a grant of Rs 0.52 mn for the construction of a road to Kirpa, but the residents were still waiting for the promised transport facility.