Law is supreme: CM’s son-in-law taken into custody


Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Wednesday said that rule of law was above any relation as the police arrested the son-in-law of the CM in a case of alleged tortured on a bakery employee on Oct 7.
“Any person whether he is a common citizen or a relative of the chief minister is subservient to the law,” Shahbaz said, adding that as chief minister he holds himself accountable to the masses which is why he had asked his son-in-law Ali Imran to submit to police investigation.
On Wednesday evening, Ali Imran presented himself before SP Investigation Fida Hussain at the Defence-B Police Station and recorded his statement. Cantt SP Maroof Wahla later told reporters that Ali Imran had been taken into custody under Section 109 and would be produced before a magistrate in the Cantt Courts today (Thursday).
On the other hand, a local court accepted the bail pleas of eight accused police guards and ordered their release on surety bonds of Rs 40,000 each. The accused submitted in their bail applications that they had been wrongly implicated in the case.
On Oct 7, Rabia Imran, the daughter of Punjab CM, had exchanged harsh words with an employee of the Sweet Tooth bakery in Defence where she went to buy a cake. The bakery worker had told Rabia that the shop was closed but she insisted on being served the cake and then left threatening the poor man.
After a few hours, armed police guards of Rabia’s husband Ali Imran arrived on the scene and tortured the bakery worker without realising that the incident was being recorded by CCTV. The footage was later uploaded on the internet and was soon picked up by TV channels.


  1. Shabez sharif has got political stunt for raising his status.All police force is influenced by his political pressure so that criminal will get VIP status in custody and in front of media Sharif will be praised.So it looks that this time agencies will again receive rebound as one found behind allegation of Raja Riaz

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