Bakery torture: Ali Imran sent to jail on remand


A local magistrate on Thursday handed over Ali Imran, the son-in-law of Chief Minister Punjab, to police on 14-day remand in bakery torture case.
The accused appeared in the court Thursday amid high security wherein the judge heard the case and sent him to jail on 14-day police remand.
Meanwhile, Ali Imran filed a bail plea in the court.
Ali Imran on Wednesday surrendered to police reportedly on the directives of Shahbaz Sharif, who is also central leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz.
Shahbaz chaired a high-level meeting and directed officials concerned to investigate the incident.
After ordering a 14-day police remand, a judicial magistrate granted bail to eight other men, six policemen and a civilian, accused of torturing a young bakery worker for not serving Imran’s wife and Shahbaz Sharif’s daughter Rabia Imran.
The incident came to light when a CCTV video surfaced on social media websites showing the bakery employee being beaten by guards of Punjab CM’s daughter.
The CCTV footage indicates that Rabia Imran tried to enter a bakery in Lahore at around 12:00 PM but the bakery was closed. She opened the bakery by force using her guards and wanted to buy some bakery items.
The guard in the Bakery tried to tell her that bakery is closed right now and she can’t buy, prompting Rabia to lash out at the guard as the footage shows.


  1. will he be treated as a local Pakistani being accused or some high profile personality on a visit to jail?

  2. If CM Shahbaz Shariff's son in law can be sent on 14 day remand in Lahore, this shows that atleast in Punjab there is rule of law and the CM respects the law. This is what is needed in Pakistan the RULE OF LAW, which basically means that no citizen is above the law. In USA President Bush's neice was sent to prison while he was President and the girls father was governor of the state where his daughter was arrested on a petty charge of getting medicines on a fake prescribtion.

    • Bhai jaan… 14 days remand is just a drama to calm down people and the media…. if Khadim-e-Ala had been such a principled man, his daughter/ son in law would have no courage doing that… its all because they are caught in the camera… and now they are playing politics again….

    • It would have been totally different if this had happen in the start of government term. CM took action just because of COMING ELECTIONS…

  3. Those who played this game forgotten that it is sharif's state and they have given him good chance of showing his law abiding attitude to whole nation.This man Imran is enjoying VIP remand under the police which is acting like their family servants. so another time trappers should find his scandal just outside of Punjab then it would show his real colors,

  4. A pure political publicity stunt from PML-N. Perfect timing just before the elections and one should wonder why, Rabia Imran isn't taken to court – why her husband?

    • as per Pakistani culture women are spared to have long queues, from legal tensions or should be protected on any cost.
      That is why I never thought of leaving Pakistan as no country can give me such privilege as I get from here.

      • So being a woman you have all rights of doing wrong things in the country and enjoy the immunity… just like zardari had in the last couple of years.

        • Yes this is plus point of my society and I like it .Th is is job of men to teach their women folk how to behave in public places.Giving them luxury living, expensive dresses doesn't mean one should lose manners etiquette and law abiding behavior.
          you are contrasting two different attitudes and for God sake don't compare respect of decent woman in our society with crookedness of zardari for ruling this fooled nation

  5. I guarantee nothing will happen to anyone in the CM's family. I know this family very well. They are all thugs. By the way, Rabia is getting uglier by the day. She was more doable a few years ago 🙂

  6. If PML or PPP get elected again the every Pakistani deserves to get slapped for their own stupidity.

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