Shahbaz files written reply on dual nationality


Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif while rejecting dual nationality allegation leveled by Raja Riaz against him has filed his written reply in Supreme Court.
PPP opposition leader in Punjab Assembly Raja Riaz had accused Shahbaz Sharif of holding dual nationality. In this connection the apex court had directed Shahbaz Sharif and Raja Riaz to file written reply.
Mian Shahbaz Sharif said in his written reply, “I am Pakistani citizen by birth and I have no dual citizenship. During the period of my exile Pervez Musharraf had refused to renew the passport. I wanted to fly to UK from Saudi Arabia with regard to cancer treatment and an offer for foreign passport was also made to me during this period but I refused to accept it”.
“Leader of the opposition Raja Riaz gave false statement against me and misguided the court. Raja Riaz remained no more truthful and Amin therefore, he be penalized by imposing heavy fine under article 62-1/F of the constitution for leveling false allegation against me and case be dispensed with against me, he pleaded.
A copy of affidavit submitted to election commission was also enclosed with the written reply.


  1. As Supreme Court is made invovled in the dual national case,but why the case of gifted lands awarded by British government in Pakistan .This subject also be discussed and the lands awarded to BIG FISHESmust be forfieted and give it poor people and ownerships should be given to them.

    Balochistan ,Punjab,Sindh and KPK poor people will get countless benefits.

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