PIA fined for stranding passengers


The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has been slapped with a fine of USD 150,000 by US authorities for keeping passengers aboard a plane during an extended ground delay last year.
This is the first fine for an international flight for violation of the new consumer protection rule of the Department of Transportation, which took effect in August 2011, setting a four-hour limit for tarmac delays on international flights.
The Department of Transportation (DOT) said PIA flight 711, traveling from England’s Manchester Airport to New York’s JFK Airport, was scheduled to arrive at JFK on October 29, 2011, but diverted to Washington Dulles Airport due to interruptions in JFK’s Instrument Landing System equipment.
After landing at Dulles, the plane remained on the tarmac for four hours and forty-seven minutes. Although the captain and first officer were able to safely deplane the aircraft by air stairs in order to conduct external safety inspections of the aircraft, airline officials believed that deplaning passengers by air stairs may have been unsuitable due to the inclement weather, as well as the number of passengers requiring wheelchairs and the number of small children on board.
However, PIA made no other attempts to deplane passengers by any other means or to seek assistance from the airport operator in deplaning before the tarmac delay exceeded four hours, in violation of DOT rules.
Under DOT rules, foreign airlines operating aircraft, with 30 or more passenger seats, that fly to and from US airports are prohibited from allowing their aircraft to remain on the tarmac for more than four hours at most US airports without giving passengers an opportunity to leave the plane.
While other lengthy tarmac delays that occurred on the same day are still under review, the PIA incident was the only one occurring at Dulles Airport, which was not subject to the weather, equipment, infrastructure, and international arrival limitations that existed at other affected airports, the Department of Transportation said.
“Passengers deserve to be treated with respect when they fly, and DOT’s tarmac delay rules were put into place to ensure that they receive that respect,” said US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.
“We take any violation seriously, and will continue to take enforcement action against airlines that fail to comply with these rules,” LaHood said.


  1. Passengers deserve to be treated with respect when they fly, PIA is an exception to this rule. The airline treats normal passengers very rudely, no respect is given to them, respect and care is reserved for the VIP's and that has become the norm. Elitist rule, elitist culture, as if this country is only for the elite.

  2. PIA officials are absolutely unaware how to respect to a passenger. Economy class passengers are just like valueless earth-worms to them.

  3. PIA can only operate as good as it is, they are in-capable of providing a better service at all, that is why when PIA takes off they say Please Inform Allah. I.E. the Idiots are in the skie!

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