Parliament likely to designate Malala ambassador of peace and education


The National Assembly and the Senate will resume their sessions today (Monday) after the gap of two days, during which resolutions declaring Malala Yousufzai an ambassador for peace and education are likely to be tabled, Pakistan Today has learnt. According to details, the sessions of the Senate and the National Assembly will resume in the evening, during which the government is likely to present the reports regarding present health status and the initial investigations related to the assassination attempt on Malala. Sources said the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid was likely to table two resolutions in both Houses of parliament in which it would be demanded that Malala Yousufzai be declared an ambassador of peace and education, while resolution would recommended the House declare Malala a daughter of Pakistan. These resolutions are being presented in both Houses of parliament following PML-Q chief Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain’s suggestion to declare Malala an ambassador and to officially recognise her a “daughter of Pakistan” for her promotion of education and peace. In general, Monday is considered a private members day in the upper House of parliament during which members of the Senate introduce their private bills, motions, resolutions and the agendas for discussion on the floor of the House.


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