Development projects completed in Mohmand Agency


Aiming at providing better transportation facilities and protecting Mohmand Agency from flooding, the political administration has constructed three roads and protective walls in certain areas.
According to a press release issued by FATA Secretariat, the roads will link Ashraf Haji, Mohammad Roz and Bar Kata Sar villages while two walls have also been built surrounding Sahib Kor village and Sohail Kor Qasam Tabar village to protect them from flood.
According to the press release, 741 meters long link road was constructed in Ashraf Haji village of Khwaizi Tehsil along with 220 meters extensive drains and 244 meters long retaining wall so as to reduce future flood damage.
Likewise administration completed another uplift project in Mohammad Roz village of Tehsil Safi by constructing 2615 meters long link road and 227 meters long sidewall. The adjacent people of Sagi and Dawaizai areas would also be benefited from the project.
A 616 meters link road was also constructed in Bar Kata Sar Gurbaz village of Tehsil Safi to provide easy access to main road, markets, schools and hospitals.
In its ongoing efforts, administration constructed 480 meters and 347 meters long flood protection walls in Lal Zaman Qala, Sahib Kor village and Sohail Kor Qasam Tabar village of Tehsil Pindiali respectively to safeguard the peoples and their houses and agricultural lands from flash floods.
Whereas 1621 meters Long Street was also paved besides 333 meters extensive drain was structured in Irfan Kore Kamali, Halimzai Tehsil.