Best treatment will be extended for Malala’s recovery: Hague


The British Foreign Secretary William Hague has said that the best possible treatment facilities will be extended to Malala Yousufzai for her early recovery.
In a statement he said she will be treated in NHS hospital in Birmingham.
He said attack on Malala was a cowardly act which has condemned by the whole international community.
The British Foreign Secretary said that the reaction reflects that Pakistani nation stands united against the menace of terrorism and no one can shake its determination to overcome it.
He said Britain stands by Pakistan in the war against the terrorism.


  1. Unite and stand Pakistan! You can do it!
    Destroy terrorizing extremism and show you are a big man in this world.

  2. "May Allah give her health" ??! The less Allah and his ignorant fools and cowards have to do with Malala's health the better. May science and love restore her to us.

  3. There are very few bravehearts like Malala. All Pakistani young girls should follow her. She has defined the realms of
    word peace in a new way. Get well soon. The world needs you.

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