Rubik’s Cube championships begin in Poland


Hundreds of contestants have come to Poland to try and crack the fiendishly difficult Rubik’s Cube in the quickest time. Hundreds of contestants from 26 countries have flocked to Poland to show off their talents in the Rubik’s Cube European Championships.
Competitors have to take part in a range of different Rubik’s Cube tasks, including solving the 2 x 2, 7 x 7 and 3 x 3 designs. Michal Pleskowicz, the 2011 world champion, gave some advice about how to be good at Rubik’s Cube. “The most important thing for doing cubes is to think fast and foresee following situations. Then, with time, you get the speed in your fingers,” he said. Pleskowicz’s average time for solving Rubik’s Cube is 8.65 seconds.