‘Energy shortage can be managed by adopting solid strategy’ | Pakistan Today

‘Energy shortage can be managed by adopting solid strategy’

The Chairman Intellectual property Organization (IPO) Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi has said that the phenomena of energy shortage can be managed well by adopting a solid strategy, planning and utilization of renewable energy resources in the country. Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi stated this while addressing the REAP 2nd international exhibition and conference of Alternative energy and energy efficiency commenced here on Saturday organized by Renewable and alternative energy association of Pakistan (REAP). He said that we need to ponder is how to put renewable energy financing as well as micro financing from the point of view of rural electrification in place so that it is readily and ubiquitously available to every one who fulfills basic set requirement just like in western world. This result in large section of population taking interest in the momentum to turn in to an overall on grid solar home system installed. Chairman IPO said that there is a dire need for the relevant government quarters to announce the much awaited residential renewable energy feed in tariffs. These residential feed in tariff coupled with easily accessible financing options are essential ingredients that are a must for thriving renewable energy culture but unfortunately we are lacking on both these points. Afridi said that as per popular residential feed in tariff and RE financing in place I m sure and very hopeful that soon we would be very successful and role model for other developing nation to follow us as far as renewable energy is concerned.

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