Women protest against murderous attack on Malala


Women hailing from different segments of the society and Non Government Organisations ( NGOs) working for cause of women empowerment protested at Karachi Press Club to condemn the attack on Malala Yousuf Zai. Protestors chanted slogans against cowards who attacked the girl students van and injured three girls including Malala. The protest was organized by the Joint Action Committee comprising of Women Action Forum, Pakistan Peace Committee, National Students’ Federation, Labour Party Pakistan, Aurat Foundation and the Workers Party Pakistan. The protestors’ lit candles as well as oil lamps and had bands tied around their arms and heads, inscribed with slogan “I am Malala”. Anis Haroon, Karamat Ali, Saleha Athar, Ramzan Memon, Nasir Mansoor, Malka Khan, Farhat Parveen, Khurram Abbas and others prayed for early recovery of the brave daughter of Pakistan and expressed their solidarity with her family. The speakers urged the government to prepare an anti-terrorism policy to combat the menace and said that across the board deweaponisation was need of the hour to end the acts of terrorism.