US drone kills 5 in NWA


At least five suspected militants were killed in a US drone attack on a house in Hurmaz village, near Mirali town of North Waziristan on Wednesday morning. Officials and tribesmen said that militants from the Hizbe Islami Turkistan group belonging to the Chinese Uygur community had set up a compound in the Hurmaz village. The compound was hit by four missiles and was razed to the ground. Five of its occupants were killed. After being struck by missiles, the damaged house caught fire, while drones kept hovering over the area for some time. Later, other militants rushed to the site and recovered the dead bodies from the debris. The killed men were later buried in a nearby graveyard. According to reports, the top commander of Hizbe Islami Turkistan, Abu Waleed Al Turikistani, is included among the killed persons.


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