Shahbaz submits affidavit to PA dismissing charges of holding dual nationality | Pakistan Today

Shahbaz submits affidavit to PA dismissing charges of holding dual nationality

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has submitted a sworn affidavit to the Punjab Assembly, dismissing charges of holding dual nationality. He submitted the affidavit to Punjab Assembly’s Secretary Maqsood Ahmed on Wednesday. The chief minister said all allegations levelled against him were false, adding that he had been loyal to Pakistan and that he would live and die for the county. Leader of the Opposition in the Punjab Assembly Raja Riaz had accused Shahbaz of holding dual nationality and claimed that he would prove what he said. Talking to reporters outside the Lahore airport, the Punjab chief minister said holding dual nationality was not a crime but the ban on dual nationality-holding lawmakers should be respected. Shahbaz said millions of overseas Pakistanis were the asset of the country because they contributed to the economy by sending remittances from abroad. “Parliamentarians should respect the law if there is a ban on holding dual nationality,” he added. He said his visit to Turkey, Germany and London was successful, adding that his visit would increase foreign investment in the province.

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