Russell Brand to party with Katy Perry`s parents? | Pakistan Today

Russell Brand to party with Katy Perry`s parents?

British comedian Russell Brand is throwing a party to celebrate a decade of sobriety and plans to invite former wife Katy Perry`s parents. The actor, who battled with drug addiction for years, plans to hold the bash in Los Angeles. Perry`s mother and father, Keith and Mary Hudson, will also be on the guest list as he has remained close to them despite his divorce from their daughter. “Russell plans to celebrate with all the people who have helped him over the years. His guest list will include people at the recovery centre he attended in London, close friends, family, and Katy`s parents Keith and Mary Hudson,” quoted a source as saying. “They were really good to Russell during his marriage to their daughter, even when things got messy towards the end. Keith still rings up Russell every few weeks to check up on him,” the source added.

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