President Zardari possesses immunity: Qadir Gilani


Son of former Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani, Abdul Qadir Gilani has said that he still holds the stance that President Zardari has got immunity.
Talking to media-men outside the parliament house Wednesday, Member of National Assembly, Abdul Qadir Gilani said that he and former Prime Minister Gilani are a part of Pakistan People’s Party. The party decided not to write letter to the Swiss authorities and they, as party-members, stand by the decision even today.
Writing letter to the Swiss authorities was tantamount to trial of the grave of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, he maintained.
He said that they accept the assurance made by Farooq H. Naek for writing the letter till November 14, as it is a decision made by PPP.


  1. yousaf gillani is now realizing that he is not zardari's B*I*T*C*H anymore. He has found a new one. Poor Batool. I feel sorry for her. She can't go on official foreign trip to s*c*r*e*w the diplomats anymore.

  2. Gilani,hmmmmm,your daddy isn't the PM anymore so stop brown nosing you corrupt no good trash.The apple does'nt fall far from the tree.

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