Police officials rob couple of gold, boy of Rs 0.4m!


Incidents of robberies by police officials have seen an increase in the provincial metropolis in the past few months and citizens have opted to remain quiet due to fear of harassment.
In a latest incident of its kind, men clad in police uniform deprived Ali Hammad Agha of millions of rupees worth of jewellery in the Rustam Park area of Gulshan Ravi.
According to details, Agha, a resident of 129 Raza Block, Allama Iqbal Town and his wife went to his father’s house situated at Rustam Park, Gulshan Ravi to celebrate his son’s birthday. Agha said that as soon as they reached his father’s house, two men riding a motorcycle stopped them. He said that both men wearing police uniforms and caps, pulled out a gun on his wife and demanded from her to hand over the jewellery she was wearing.
He said that his wife was panicked by the situation and she handed in 12 gold bangles, a necklace and some rings to the men after which they escaped on their motorcycle. He added that he and his wife could identify the men if they were produced before them. He requested the higher officials to explain to them what they would do if the police rob them off their valuables when in reality they were required to protect citizens. Those men should be immediately arrested and brought to justice, he added.
In a similar incident, Omais Butt was deprived of Rs 0.4 million by two motorcyclists in the Shad Bagh area of the city. While giving details, Omais said that he was the owner of a metal business and was taking Rs. 0.4m with him to his office to pay off a business party. He said that before he knew it, two men on a motorcycle approached him and deprived him off the cash on gunpoint. There was a police picket at a short distance from where I was robbed but no one came to my rescue, he added. Later on, four policemen came to him and told him that the robbers did what they had to do and there was nothing that could be done in this regard, Omais said. All these robberies take place right under the nose of the police and they seldom take any action in such cases, a dejected Omais said.
After the incident, the local people staged a protest demonstration against the police officials. The participants said that in other countries of the world, the police force looked after the security of people, while in Pakistan they were the number one enemy of the citizens.