No end to robberies


Robberies took place in different places of the city on Tuesday.
According to reports, robbery took place in a shop called Akther Cloth Shop at Main Bazar Islampura, where robbers robbed cloth worth Rs 500,000 and thousands of cash, after breaking the locks. They managed to escape the scene.
Police reached the spot after a call from the owner of the shop and gathered evidences for further investigation.
In another incident, a citizen named Umas Butt, a business man by profession, was returning to his house where four robbers stopped him forcibly and robbed Rs 400,000 cash at gun point in Iron Market Shadbagh and managed to escape.
After the incident, businessmen of the market protested and demanded that DSP Shadbagh and SHO Shadbagh were involved in these robberies and requested to the authorities to dismiss them both.
A woman was also robbed by two robbers riding motorbike, where robbers took gold worth millions and a mobile phone at gunpoint and managed to flee from PCSIR Society.
Separately, citizens were also deprived of their vehicles in various parts of the city. Nasir’s motorbike was stolen from Gulshan Ravi Moon Market, a citizen named Sheikh Almas lost his car from old Anarkali and Irfan motorbike was stolen from Hurbunspura.