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Having dual nationality not illegal: Shahbaz

Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif has said that possessing dual nationality is not a crime.
Talking to media-men on Allama Iqbal airport, the Chief Minister said that everyone should abide by the laws on dual nationality.
Denouncing the attack on Malala Yusufzai, he announced that the Punjab government would bear all the expenditures on her treatment. He said Malala is a national asset. She elevated integrity of the nation but was injured by the cowards, he maintained.
Terming his foreign tours as useful, he said many agreements were signed between Punjab government and Turkey.
He said the successful tours to Turkey, London and Germany would lead to increase in investment in Punjab.

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  1. Shahid said:

    Shahbaz Sharif may have forgotten his speech at Jamia Naeemia. We have not. In that speech he clearly told the Taliban that he was one with them and therefore Taliban should not rock Punjab with their suicide attacks. Instead of issuing this statement, his head should hang in shame.

  2. Rehan said:

    He is the biggest ullo ka pattha on the face of the earth…

  3. northworth said:

    No condemnation for Talibans for such inhuman act – That's Not-so-Sharif Brothers for you.

  4. asmer said:

    the word taliban should be banned the taliban should be found and no matter who where and no matter how long it takes those who surrender they should be put in the darkest hole and the rest should be just eliminated .Pakistanis should rise as a nation and get rid of this curse this scourge because they have proved with their actions and deeds they are not muslims they are not even humans and their types are found all over the world so once and for all they should be destroyed without mercy

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