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David Blaine completes electrifying endurance stunt in New York

American illusionist David Blaine concludes what he says is his final stunt after channelling one million volts of electricity for 72 hours at a performance in New York. After 72 hours without food, surrounded by an artificial lightning storm crackling between low-current million-volt Tesla coils, David Blaine’s first words upon getting off the 20-foot-high platform were a handful of thank yous to the team who supported him in the event, and to fans of his work. Unable to stand on his own, before getting wheeled into an ambulance to get his health checked, Blaine revealed: “This is my last endurance stunt that I’m ever going to do. But I look forward to everything. Love you.” After being sleep deprived with an empty stomach, Blaine told waiting reporters the first thing he would do: “I feel like taking a nice long nap, after my shower.” Blaine’s recent stunt grew out of an image he had of himself at the center of a giant plasma globe where audiences in New York City participated by controlling the levels of electricity surrounding him at the Hudson River Park pier. The illusionist was dressed in a 20-pound chain-mail suit for three days, shooting purplish arcs of lightning out of his hands all in unison with music.

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