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Attack on Malala a coward act, says Hina

Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar on Wednesday condemned the attack on Malala Yousafzai stressing terrorists would never be able to shake the resolve of the nation through such heinous acts.
Undoubtedly Malala Yousafzai is the role model of our country, she said while talking to host of journalists outside Parliament House on Wednesday.
She said attack on Malala was an act of cowardice, adding that Islam did not allow an unprovoked attack even on a male enemy let alone an innocent girl of 14.
She further added that attack was gross injustice to a girl who was only talking of peace and education.

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  1. Asher (Canada) said:

    We don't need these cowardice statements Ms Hina Rabbani. We need a forcefull action against TTP. Which you dare to do it. I am ashemed of all our political leaders. I don't see a single true, brave leader in Pakistan.
    I can only request our leaders once just once for the sake of our children sit together and eliminate TTP and Taiban from Pakistan.

  2. Zaffar said:

    **A female child has taken the bullet for this country**. This is shameful to the extreme. We must stand up against these elements who commit such barbaric acts. Their motivation is the greed of getting 70 virgins in heaven (if ever). Let this Government fight these degenerates and if the Govt is sincere then prepare an army specifically to fight these elements. They can increase the reward money ten times and I will personally contribute 10000 into it-but let it be a serious action and not spin.

  3. self said:

    Attack on Malala is condemned but havent seen anyone condemned or helped victims of terrorism they left and no one taking care of them.Including girl like Arifa Karim havent offered any help from Pakistani government and she died without any help from anyone.Where as Malala from media to government,politicians,nation also got help from government only because she is internationally recognised as other peoples in our country are victims of terrorism,be it Karachi or other parts of country havent got such help or prayer from one.As nation are failed and thats why today our situation is and got such one man show government.If as nation we were united then today we may havent such incident as well as such sitaution.

  4. zardaritohell said:

    And I guess being a married mother of two children and having an affair with a boy ten years younger than her is a brave act 🙂

  5. Sandesh Krishnamurth said:

    Please my dear peoples support MALALA she is a great human being…

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