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Honoring our flag

According to national flag etiquettes, the national flag should be hoisted from sunrise to sunset on a clear day. National flags should not be flown even in bad weather like during thunderstorms or hailstorms. If a national flag has to be flown at night it should be brightly illuminated. National flag must not touch the ground, water or the floor.
But unfortunately, to our patriotic but simple Pakistanis, such etiquettes are all alien to them. On every 14 August, millions of national flags are being hoisted on national buildings and private houses to show their patriotism. But people are so engulfed in this patriotism that they do not bother to hoist down the national flag no matter what circumstances the flag has been facing.
It’s been around two months and still hundreds of national flags are continuously fighting for their survival on the poles above the houses, just like the residents fighting for their own survival inside the houses.

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  1. saira ejaz said:

    it is nice to read and i feel atleast someone in our youn generation think on dis issue other wise we donot bother to think over it! well done boy u have done a great job!

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