Provinces lament non transfer of assets of devolved subjects


All four province, Monday, lamented against non transfer assets and ownership of several devolved subjects under 18th constitutional amendment.
They were also unanimous in declaring recreation of 8 new ministries on subjects which had already been devolved as sheer violation of the constitution.
Provincial representatives in their briefing to the Senate Special Committee on Devolution Process complained against non transfer of assets and functions of several devolved ministries to the provinces whereas 18th constitutional amendment was quite clear that those subjects had been devolved.
The Senate Special Committee met here with Jahangir Badar, Leader of the House in the Chair to discuss latest status of devolution process in lieu with 18th constitutional amendment.
Senators including Ishaque Dar, Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, Abdul Ghafoor Haideri, Tahir Hussain Mashhaid, Mian Raza Rabbani, Ahmad Hassan, Mir Hazar Khan Bajarani Federal Minister for Inter Provincial Coordination, Malik Azmat Minister of State for Inter Provincial Coordination, Syed Anis Hussnain, Secretary IPC and other officials were present in the meeting.
They pinpointed that Employees’ Old Age Benefit Institution (EOBI), Workers Welfare Fund, Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB), Education, Health, Sports, Fisheries, Dairy, Livestock, Tourism and others had been devolved but kept with the federation unjustifiably.
Similarly, recreation of 8 new ministries to run the affairs related to devolved subjects was unconstitutional and contrary to the spirit of the 18th constitutional amendment.
Status of government servants transferred to provinces was also unclear as provinces were in dilemma whether to consider them on deputation or as permanent staff members, moreover, the issue of their promotion and other privileges were also piling up and proving additional financial burden on provinces.
Nasir Mehmood Khosa, Chief Secretary Punjab, Ghulam Dastgir Chief Secretary Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Sikandar Qayyum Secretary Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) Sindh and Secretary IPC Balochistan were vocal in
their stand that federation had not provided required funds for the vertical programmes related to health and other ministries which was proving problematic for provincial governments.
They observed that all above mentioned subjects had wholly been devolved but federation had not provided required funding for keeping them operational to provinces.
While speaking on the observations and reservations expressed by provincial representatives about the devolution process, Mian Raza Rabbani, former chairman Implementation Commission on 18th amendment, said an assertive role of the Parliament was required to accomplish devolution process in true spirit of the constitution.
”If parliament fails to do this it will be held as criminal to history” he added saying, that any bid to rollback devolution process for the sake petty interests of few individuals would bring serious consequences for
the federation.
He said that all decision made by implementation commission regarding devolution of ministries were endorsed by the federal cabinet thus they were judgments of the cabinet.
Other Senators proposed that committee should recommend to the Ministry of Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) to come forward with solution to the reservations expressed by the provinces in a given timeframe.
While speaking on the occasion, Mir Hazar Khan Bajarani assured the House that Ministry would come back to committee in 10 days with a comprehensive plan of action to address the reservations of provinces regarding
devolution of different subjects.
He said that government highly respected the constitution and was eager to go by books on the said issues and his ministry would leave no stone unturned to make the devolution process success. “However, if provinces
have any dispute, the forum of Council of Common Interests (CII) can be explored” he added.
Senate body gave IPC Ministry to note down the concerns of the provinces and come up with a mechanism to institutionalize the ongoing devolution process in 10 days. Committee also decided to summon Ministries of
Petroleum and Natural Resources and Water and Power to next meeting to brief the committee about their plans to transfer assets and functions related to them to provinces under 18th amendment.


  1. Eplyees of devolved ministries strongly request to be kept them in federal or sent them to thier provinces or other federal departments as promised in 18 amendment and as did top beurocracy of devoled ministries why not attached departements emplyeees . i really happy to learn about this news specially regarding emplyees status . All emplyees have serious concern regarding their staus . All emplyees are being maltreatrd and deprived from their rights .

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