Imran’s march


Some right-wing media mongers in Pakistan are trying to convince the general public that despite ‘safety concerns’ Imran Khan is proceeding with long march into Waziristan to protest against the US drone attacks. ‘Safety concerns’ —- but from whom; from Pakistan army, from US drones or Taliban themselves? It’s obvious neither Pakistan army nor the US drones are going to attack the procession, then the only party who may prove hostile is Taliban. Therefore, Imran Khan shall be protesting against those who have established their announced/perceived rule in the tribal areas, who are involved in cross-border attacks, which are running suicide bombers production factories churning out zombies to attack mosques, markets, schools, shrines in Pakistan.
Imran Khan’s protest is nothing but a political gimmick. It is to encash the strategy religious parties and their right-wing media mongers have worked out to fool the public that Taliban are waging a holy war against infidels; therefore, their excesses could be ignored. It is wrong to presume that Taliban are products of drones; in fact, it’s other way round. If Taliban seize their activities in Pakistan and Afghanistan, kick out all the foreign militants from Pakistani soil, drone attacks will automatically stop as they will not be required. If 2,000 people have been killed in drone attacks (including several hundred top militants) in the last 10 years, then what about the 40,000 civilians and military personnel bombed by Taliban? Is there is any comparison between two; who will protest to safeguard the civilians and military personnel?
If Imran Khan is so much interested in long marches, then he should do it for some noble cause —- to revive the polio eradication campaign in tribal areas, in Pashtun localities of Karachi and Pashtun majority districts of Balochistan.
Jubail, Saudi Arabia


  1. Yes u right that v lost 40000 soldiers.but imran khan always mentions and shows respect for army. He never says its good.he always says that war is not the solution for solving this taliban issue.he believes on discussion by which u can sort all the issue in the brothers and sisters plz wake up before its too late. Try to make this a peaceful world where there is no racisim no wars no hatering. Where v can enjoy and all this possiable with education and the end I will say plz give a chance to imran khan

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