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Heaven falls or mountain splits; SC to proceed as per constitution: CJP

Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry observed Monday court would proceed in synch with law and constitution no matter heaven falls or mountain falls apart.
“We want democracy to remain in place in the country. We will proceed no matter heaven falls or any mountain splits up, he made this observation while presiding over a 3-member bench of apex court during the course of hearing of Balochistan law and order case in Supreme Court Quetta registry.
SC remarked, “ Balochistan issue was more vital than any other issue. We had asked that use of Kabul vehicles and arms be got stopped and death squads be got disbanded. But nothing positive happened. Only lip service was paid”.
He said “ scale of terrorism in the province was not larger than Sri Lanka wherein a cricket match was being played on Sunday. We have to pass an order only. We are showing restraint. We want democratic order remains in place in the country”.
On one occasion CJP said while addressing the Advocate General (AG) “ the life of any person stands wrecked in whose home the bodies of a son ,brother and husband are lying. This is matter of realization only. You should not take us to the point that we had to pass an order”.
Giving remarks about FC, CJP said there is inquiry and evidence against FC. This is attitude of FC that not a single person has been recovered. We should not be forced to issue order. Bring the missing persons within three days”.
About law and order situation in Balochistan, AG said crime rate had declined by 50 percent in Quetta.
Speaker Balochistan Assembly Muhammad Aslam Bhuttani said he had appeared as a gesture of respect for the court. No one was happy with reference to Balochistan issue. IG Police and chief secretary are gentlemen who are taking on their shoulder the burden of our failure.
CJP said Nasir Mehmood came in the province and he worked. Uprightness does not mean that you should not deliver.
Earlier the CJP inquired from IG where the officers who had come from other provinces had been posted. They be posted as DPO and reports in this regard be presented in the court.
Senior lawyers Munir A Malik, Raja Suleman, M Zafar and Hadi Shakil also appeared in the court and recorded their statements about situation in the province.
Advocate General told the court boy who was kidnapped from Pashin had been recovered.
Justice Jawad S Khawaja remarked this was already told by the chief secretary in Islamabad. Court be informed about any thing new.
CJP inquired if crime rate dropped in the province or otherwise. If the incidences of discovery of bodies, kidnapping and target killing came to end in the province. It comes in the newspaper my child has been kidnapped and CJP should take step for his recovery, he further remarked.

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    • pashtunyar said:

      No he is just another populist! There are plenty of them around in pakistan!

  1. Muhammad said:

    He has gone mad, heavens don’t fall if you do justice. Thay only fall if you do injustice.

  2. Malick said:

    Pakistan has been driven to its present state of chaos, anarchy and rampant corruption because of no accountability. This country can only come out of this crisis if the top that has rotten is punished by the judiciary.

  3. SHAHID said:

    Biase, in discrimination, and targeting to a sole political party is what makes heaven fall.

  4. Nazia said:

    Here in Pakistan if we follow the constitution then its statement is like that
    Politician will fall or army might split; if SC to proceed as per constitution:

  5. Shoaib Mir said:

    Actually he means "Government falls or nation splits, the Chaudhry Court will proceed as per my wishes."

  6. asim said:

    sO WHY the convicted are sitting in assemblies. Its now 04 years when you will deliver?

  7. wonderer said:

    i am so sick of these stupid comments from this freaking character who does not have a clue how pathetic he is. A good judge will be making sure to improve the courts silently rather than making statements like this.

  8. northworth said:

    Little did we know, its the scum like him that is providing shelter to talibani mentality and in relentless pursuit to gather all the power for himself where every word that he utters become the law. Plus nobody could even dare pointing at his goons or his sons of any wrongdoing. Latest directive to PEMRA is also a case in point. Why on earth can he or the judges not be criticized when no one in the country has this luxury? It seems he is getting weaker by the minute hence trying to hatch a cocoon over himself and his likes.

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