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IESCO issues power suspension program

The Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) on Saturday announced power suspension program for various areas in its region due to necessary maintenance and routine development work.
According to an IESCO spokesman, power supply of the following grid stations would remain suspended as under:-
October 7 (Sunday) From 08-00am to 01-00pm, 132KV Grid Station Pirwadahi and H-11, Carriage Factory, PHA-II, Sabzi Mandi Islamabad, PHA Flats from 08-00am to 10-00am, G-10/1, G-9/4, Islamic University, NDC,PHA, G-10/4, Capt. Aamir Taimoor, Eid Gah, Dhoke Najoo and Raja Sultan feeders, October 9 (Monday) from 08-00am to 12-00pm, 132 KV Grid Station KTM Peshawar Road, Millat Abad, New Race Cource, Dhoke Choudrian, Charring Cross, KTM, Radio Pak, Golra, Chakra, Sayyam, Dk. Gujran, Westridge, Raja Abad and Modern Flour Mill Feeders, 132
KV Grid Station F-11 Islamabad, 11KV Darga feeder, E-11/1, E-11/2, Golra City and surrounding areas.

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