Army allows PTI’s peace rally to enter South Waziristan


Army has allowed Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)’s peace rally to enter South Waziristan.
The permission was granted after Masood Shareef held talks with army officials when they were stopped at Kodh check post.
Earlier, PTI s peace march against US drone strikes reached Tank area after removing the containers that were placed at Manjhi Khel check post while the local residents of Tank have also joined the rally.
Thousands of Pakistanis, joined by US anti-war activists, headed Sunday morning toward Pakistan’s volatile tribal region to protest American drone strikes.
The rally headed by former cricket star turned politician Imran Khan is designed to throw a spotlight on the drone attacks, which many Pakistanis oppose because they say the strikes violate their sovereignty and kill civilians.
The motorcade started from Islamabad Saturday morning, and after an overnight stay in the city of Dera Ismail Khan, departed for the tribal belt.
In a televised speech before the convoy got under way Sunday morning, Khan thanked his supporters and the U.S. group.
“We have achieved the goal of this march. Our message of peace has reached the world. I am thankful especially to the American group that came a long way here to join this protest against drone attacks,” he said.
Thousands of supporters turned out along the route on the road outside Dera Ismail Khan to cheer on Khan and the convoy of supporters and accompanying media, which stretched about 15 kilometers (9 miles) long.
Supporters packed into vehicles waved flags for Khan s political group and chanted: “We want peace.”
Earlier, demonstrators pushed aside shipping containers blocking their way in two cities on the way to South Waziristan, an indication of the size of the crowd and its fervor.
A senior official in the South Waziristan administration, Hameedullah Khattak, vowed that the motorcade would not be allowed to enter the tribal area, citing security concerns.
“We will not let them in South Waziristan for security reasons. Here is a major security situation and we cannot provide them security,” he said.


  1. Symbolism matters in politics and this is just a gesture to win support of those involved and project it. In politics u must have your finger on the pulse of the people and IK inspite of the many contradictions within his talk and deeds, has managed to score points.

  2. This is called ,raang baazi, noora kushti or making people fool like that.In English it is called "march fixing"This is what army wants to make pressure on their masters that people revolt is coming ahead so increase their price as much as possible

    • So much negativity. In surah e hujurat, Allah says (summary is ) : Even some of bad assumptions are also a sin. So be careful before assuming people's intentions.

      • Please save us a sermon on what ALLAH says early sunday morning,ALLAH asks us to do alot more,focus on that first Mr.wanna be a muslim.There is negativity and there is reality,and then there is people like you who live in this illusion that you are a follower of the HOLY QURAN.People have the right to say as please whether its right or wrong or whether you agree with them or not,who are you to judge them.You just focus on doing whats right,plan on answering when you get to the judgement day for yourself,not others.

        • haha … I mean seriously do you mean all that stuff you wrote above. Am I living in Secular society(where religion is a personal thing) or a muslim society (where you have right to resist or notify others for betterment of each other and where when one muslim get hurt other can also feel his pain). There are two kind of sins personal and social. And She did social one where she is concluding someone's intention without any facts and reasoning on a public forum and thats wrong. please argu with some common sense.

          • Oh you look me still having your milk teeth and need some time to grow up to understand hypocrisy of our so called Islamic stat and its leaders.No one is answering me that why IK didnt start this march from Gate 2 of GHQ
            Please don't worry about my personal or social sins no body will call you on judgment day for counting my sin record.

          • Why do we need to start it from GHQ. We have a political government and army is under them. But as we came to a conclusion that our government doesnt care about anything i mean anything at all so its senseless to protest against them. So it seem reasonable if you share some pain of those who are in pain for so long(8 years). Dont worry im not caring about your sins… Im caring about that your sins doesnt effect my other brothers

          • Again these lines show that you have some time for coming wisdom teeth then you could try to understand what I am saying you.This is military controlled war and its all parameters are defined in GHQ and if these are out of control then our political government even has no excuse to justify this as ISPR never allow them to speak on their actions.

          • Poor Pakistani!! who is quite sure that sooner this war will come to destroy my house if we will not hit the real source of this war deals.

          • NO noo it is what I am accepting but I want real solution instead of this kind of cosmetic shows having worthless effects on real affected people of wazirastan. I am seeing my future in their present and I again say it is GHQ that is not in mood of get rid of this clinging blanket which is actually as violent dragon.

          • ok have you listened to the people who were in dera ismail khan? what they were saying about how are they feeling about one country's politican is visiting after 12 long years. i wish you could understand when a person leading your country tells the people we are with you in good or bad times. you can suggest solution by posting your solution on their website or any parties forum.

          • For refreshing your historical memory read the statements of Miraj khan and you will find 100% similarity with Shireen mazari who just dropped her association with IK

            The leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Mairaj Muhammad Khan, has resigned from the office of Secretary-General and as member of Central Executive Committee in protest against the attitude of party chief Imran Khan who, he says, is managing party affairs through his non-political friends.

            Mairaj announced his resignation at a Press conference on Friday at the Karachi Press Club. He said after working for over five years with Imran Khan, he had come to the conclusion that the party chief and some of his "non-political" colleagues wishing to build and run the party affairs beyond the realm of experience and comprehension of the Secretary-General.

            He said it was tragedy that Imran failed to build a party that could lead the people in the struggle to change the oppressive system while the great goals and objectives could only be achieved by great struggle and sacrifices through a strong and organised set-up.

            The PTI leader said that unfortunately those at the helm of affairs did not share a common vision and many of them were devoid of all conviction and commitment and were not interested even in rendering the slightest sacrifice. He said that the Imran and his friends knew that they would lose their monopoly and control over the party if it developed into a real democratic force as then genuine political workers would join the PTI.

            He alleged that these elements were creating factionalism, disunity, and lack of discipline in the organisation, and didn't refrain from facilitating the entry of dubious characters, and even criminals into the party, so as to render it ineffective.

            Mairaj said that the party could have trained and created excellent leaders and workers but there was no collective leadership, no political direction, no political activity or struggle, or enforcement of decisions and accountability. The rank and file, therefore, became disillusioned and the party was gradually reduced to a 'fan club'. He said that the party chief nominated his friends as chief organisers and chief campaign managers who were not really interested in building the party image and made no serious preparations for the local bodies polls or general elections.

            Mairaj pointed out that the basic strategy and efforts of these elements were to seek government support to reach the corridors of power. He pointed out they gave the analysis that as Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif were out in the wilderness, the PTI, was the best choice of the military regime, which would then be forced to send strong "constituency candidates" to contest the elections on behalf of the PTI. He said that the party chief and his friends supported the referendum of Gen Musharraf to achieve this task which had no moral, legal, or political justification, and which lowered the standing in the democratic circles and completely alienated the party from the masses.

            He said the public meetings in Lahore and Rawalpindi, and the strategy for both the local and general elections also flopped. According to him, the "miracle" they expected did not take place and when it become clear that the government was in fact patronising the PML-Q, Imran strongly rejected the strategy of 'collaboration' and started attacking the Chaudhury's of Gujrat. It was, however, already too late, Mairaj said, adding, "cricket is by chance but politics certainly is not." He said during the last many years the country had been in the grip of severe inflation, unemployment, "honour" killings, ethnic and sectarian violence, and terrorism.

            He said the 1973 Constitution had been violated by the LFO and the supremacy of parliament itself had been undermined but the party did nothing to protest, demonstrate, and mobilise the masses on these burning issues. He said that the duality, lack of discipline, and disorder had paralysed the party and party was working as a commercial or social welfare organisation.

            Mairaj advised Imran that a political party could not lead the people if it was being run through personal friends, retired civil and military officials, and professional managers, like a pressure group or an NGO.

            He said that Imran was the hero of the World Cup for the people but they did, not accept him as a deliverer (Nijaat Dahanda) or the political leader. He pointed out that for the present, there was no elected organ in the party other than the central office-bearers while all other elected provincial organisations had been unnecessarily dissolved which created a leadership crisis.

            He said the ambiguity and lack of clarity in the policies had created confusion within the party, whether it was an Islamic democratic, social-democratic party or a Left-wing, Right-wing, or Centrist party.

            Mairaj said that Imran and he jointly finalised the names for the Central Executive Committee last month but Imran subsequently violated and announced that all those invited to the meeting on April 6 in Islamabad, would become members of the CEC, for six months. He said being Secretary-General of the party, he disagreed on this step of the party chief and decided to resign from the CEC and SG posts.

      • If you think reality is synonymous of negativity then it is your perception but for me it is bitter truth which you must understand as early as possible to act on time and with perfect accurately.Day dreaming might come in meaning of positivity for you and for me it is living in fool's world.I am not assuming any thing but directly commenting on his wrong directional fixed march.

        • Ok prove it? show me some facts. believe me if you gave me some reasonable facts i will be at your side.

          • Chanaky said that “There is some self-interest behind every friendship. There is no Friendship without self-interests. This is a bitter truth.
            If IK had any vision in 2004 he didnt go for Musharraf who arranged these war games in our soil.It has been long time.Now only Musharf is absent from scenes but all major player of that era who are real beneficiaries of this war and terror are found encircling IK On the name of national friendship. Get the list how much mureed of Musharraf are now trying to pose against this game plan which was executed under their supervision.

          • These bitter truths are my hope as it give me insight that something wrong is going on around me on the name of Politics which should not be acknowledged as good omen.IK's life and events are full of hypocrisy but surely if he got mandate he should have give chance to prove his caliber but

          • Its a very typical opinion of people here in pakistan. Please correct your info IK stop endorsing musharraf in 2002 before elections. He is the only politician asked for apology to people. He was also the one keep resisting again war on terror.
            As far as people who are joining PTI are concern name anyone who had a corrupt background or any allegation. Look joining a party is just like an employee switching a job. When he switches he dont give instructions to employer but he take it from them and execute them . Do you even know jahangir tareen gave 4 core 92 lac only the tax this year. He was the technocrate from musharraf's side.

            I dont know why people blame IK for any wrong doings in history and present when he had not been in government for years. How are you linking that war to IK. IK always opposed it. But i dont blame its our nation's bad luck that we got such a brave and honest person who always did good things for this country. Always defended us outside pakistan better than anyone. Check his history that man always gave this country.

          • Foreign Policy magazine described him as "Pakistan's Ron Paul". He is a chancellor of two universities bradford and NAMAL. Oxford university add him its hall of fames. Gave you cancer hospital and university when he was not required to. He could have life like everyone is have but he took steps for this country's people betterment

  3. Imran has snatched peace from the jaws of war—-let that be a example for the rest of the country. The world is getting tired of wars—some self made others imported.Let us put guns aside and embrace each other. Pakistan,s problems can be sorted out by Pakistani,s only. Let us all wear white or green to signify PEACE.

  4. @Nazia. You are very active with your comments. I read them everyday but please, for God's sake, work on your english. I have the hardest time trying to make sense of what you are saying. Spend some time and money on taking some english classes in the evening. Thanks.

    • Gateman of hell
      thanks for your kind consideration on improving my linguistic skill but I am untreatable in this regard having no money and crossed age limit of learning English.Sorry for giving you hard time to extract sense from my poor expression .I can only appreciate your effort that among all fine English spoken commentators you are really in trouble in reading my broken English .Actually neither it is my mother tongue nor had any demand in my working areas so kindly bear me to sear the wrong and false statements of few in favor of their heroes.

  5. Musa Gilani gave a very silly comment. Why don't you try doing something for the country, let it be symbolic, but do something instead of fleecing it like all your PPPians and PML (N) ans STFU. Let IK do what he wants to do, the PEOPLE are with him and not with you.

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