Adele`s Bond song instant hit on iTunes


Singer Adele`s ‘Skyfall’ theme song, released on Global James Bond Day Friday, reached the top of the iTunes charts within hours. The theme song premiered in Britain at 00:07 a.m. on the singer`s website and became available to download immediately, with eager fans promptly pushing it to number one on iTunes, reports It has been described as a typical Bond song, as Adele sings the sultry lyrics with the help of a 77-piece orchestra. The lead actor of the movie, Daniel Craig appeared on `Late Night with Jimmy Fallon`, and spoke about Adele`s song. “When Adele`s name came up I just jumped at it, I just said, `We have to get her`. I just thought that she has the voice and she`s got the tone that we wanted,” said Craig, who plays the secret agent in the film. The song has been receiving a positive feedback, while Adele was initially worried if she would would lend her vocals to the movie.