Abdi to appear before Suddle commission


Senator Faisal Raza Abdi is going to present evidences before Shoaib Suddle commission.The commission has published advertisement asking masses to submit relevant information.
Sources said Senator Faisal Raza Abdi is all set to appear before the one-man commission that is probing the blames put by former estate tycoon, Malik Riaz Hussain, against Dr Arsalan Iftikhar.
Sources say that Senator Abdi would raise many questions before the commission. He will ask how a person who resigned from his service in 2007 becomes successful in gathering millions of rupees in only three years.
Senator Abdi will question about the claim of Arsalan Iftikhar according to which he runs a business worth Rs 900 million, and paid Rs 2 million as tax in the year 2010-11, and more than Rs 3 million in year 2011-12.
Senator Faisal Raza Abdi has also made it clear that if he would be stopped from giving interview in the media, he will use the social media to the fullest to give his stance.
It merits mentioning here that the one-man commission probing blames against Arsalan Iftikhar had given ads in several newspapers giving its e-mail address and postal one to invite proofs in relevance to the case.


    • your comments proves that you belong to a most F**U**C**K**E**D UP, dyfunctional and corrupt nation and failed state of Pakistan

  1. CJ is afraid of only one man…that is Faisal Raza Abidi……….har Pharoan ke kalia aik Moosa paida hota hai..!

    • But where is he? Is he dead for still alive.? Such person should be burried alive. He promised to committ suicide on November 9th. Has he kept his promise or ran away from it.

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