Shahbaz urges Germany to play positive role in bringing peace to South Asia


Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that without the eradication of extremism and militancy, peace and prosperity can never be achieved. He said that Pakistan was determined to get rid of militancy and asserted that 40,000 Pakistanis had already laid down their lives in the War on Terror, to safeguard the world. Shahbaz said that the Pakistani nation was paying a heavy price for the war and western countries ought to acknowledge the role being played by Pakistan.
The chief minister addressed German media representatives in Berlin on Thursday. Shahbaz said that no other country in the world had been as badly affected by the War against Terror as Pakistan had and the time had come to adopt a new way of thinking, for playing a purposeful role in this war.
He said that a terrorist was just a terrorist, who had no religion, cast, colour or a territorial identity. He emphasized that those who played with innocent lives did not deserve to be called human. Shahbaz said that there was no difference between terrorism and drone attacks, as both spilled the blood of innocent people.
He said that drone attacks were not benefiting anyone, and instead, have become a source of anti-American sentiment in the region. He said that friendly countries ought to help Pakistan in stopping drone attacks. He said that the role of Germany, for the promotion of peace in South Asia, was of great importance, and called upon Germany to play an effective role in the peaceful transfer of power in Afghanistan, after foreign armies had left the country. Shahbaz said that Pakistan considered peace in Afghanistan in the best interest of both countries. The chief minister said that an atmosphere conducive to investment in Punjab had been created by the Punjab government, and all necessary facilities were being provided to foreign investors under one roof.
He called upon German companies to benefit from the existing vast opportunities of investment in Pakistan, especially in Punjab. He said that the recent reconciliatory move between Pakistan and India would also benefit the economy of both countries, as now Pakistan and India had no other option but to initiate mutual commerce and trade. He said that western countries could utilize Punjab as a base for commerce and trade with India.


  1. In what capacity and authority junior Mian is dicussing foreign affairs with other countries on the expenses of Punjabi tax-payers.

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