President has immunity against prosecution: Naik


Law Minister Farooq Naik on Friday said the government wished to resolve the issue of the Swiss letter amicably and added that the president enjoyed immunity from prosecution under the country’s constitution. Speaking to reporters outside the Supreme Court, Naik said the first two paragraphs of the letter to be sent to the Swiss authorities for reopening a graft case against President Asif Ali Zardari were in accordance with the Supreme Court’s directives. According to Naik, the judges hearing the case expressed their reservations regarding the draft of the letter and he and his client expressed their reservations as well.
He said a decision over the final version of the letter was yet to be taken, adding that the letter had been drafted in accordance with the SC’s directives and that it had also been approved by the prime minister. Naik reiterated that the constitution was clear on the issue of presidential immunity. “Moreover, any decisions that will be made will be in the greater national interest and will consider the three pillars of the state.” He said in democracies, decisions could not be made without consultations, adding that the government would remain flexible in resolving the matter. He said many sacrifices had been made for democracy and therefore, those who were aiming to derail the country’s democratic process would not be allowed to succeed.