Join hands with China, Russia and Iran to check US meddling: JI chief


Jamaat e Islami chief Syed Munawar Hasan on Friday said that regional powers including China, Russia, Iran andPakistan should join hands on a one point agenda to check increasing US interference and for its earliest exit from the area.
Addressing the Friday congregation at Mansoora mosque, he welcomed Army Chief General Kayani’s visit to Russia, and Russian Foreign Minister’s visit to the country terming these very important and said there was no harm in seeking Moscow’s help to oust the US influence in the region. “The US and NATO has already lost the war in Afghanistan and are licking their wounds in deep frustration. However, the US wants to ensure India’s supremacy in the area before withdrawing its forces,” he said Furthermore, he said that thousands of NATO containers were spread in different parts of the country and that the United States will not withdraw from the region without collecting these items, nor would it hand over arms and other costly items to Pakistani authorities. He stressed that now was the best moment to humble the enemy and make it accept our terms and conditions. He expressed regret Islamabad was wasting this opportunity and has placed the country’s solidarity at stake by restoring NATO supply routes.
The JI chief added that removing the US influence from the region is also imperative for foiling the anti-Pakistan foreign policy of India. He further said that India has been involved in state-sponsored terrorism in Kashmir and Indian’ Premier Manmohan Singh’s cry for end to terrorism without a reference to Kashmir is a joke and an attempt to divert attention from Indian brutalities in Kashmir.
Moreover, Munawar Hasan said that with the elections approaching fast, the apprehensions of rigging by the ruling party is also increasing. However, he said, the rulers must realize that if any one from the PPP, MQM, ANP or any other party attempted to alter the public mandate, the nation will not accept the election results, and a strong public movement would follow and force the rulers to step down.